First itterations that:
- Changed config.json back to config.tcl
- Incorprated the new changes done in caravel configuration
- New template def file
- Default configuration is specific for gf180mcuC
- Fixed user_project_wrapper and example rtl verilog to be the same as
the on in caravel
- reharden user_project_wrapper in caravel with new OpenLane as the via
insertion is different and will cause an issue with XOR
- Make the repo usable for multiple technologies
61 files changed
tree: 1b877acc2270e821148e6905600eca416818daa0
  1. .github/
  2. def/
  3. docs/
  4. gds/
  5. lef/
  6. lib/
  7. mag/
  8. maglef/
  9. openlane/
  10. sdc/
  11. sdf/
  12. signoff/
  13. spef/
  14. spi/
  15. verilog/
  16. .gitignore
  18. Makefile

Caravel User Project

License UPRJ_CI Caravel Build

:exclamation: Important Note

Please fill in your project documentation in this file

Refer to README for a quickstart of how to use caravel_user_project

Refer to README for this sample project documentation.