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module datapath(input clk, reset,
input [31:0] instr,
input [2:0] imm,
output [31:0] pc,
output [31:0] pcnext,
input pcsrc, pcadd, pcext,
input ISRsel,
input [31:0] ISR,
input unsign,
output gt, lt, eq,
input [3:0] alucontrol,
input alusrc, storepc, sltunsigned,
input [1:0] shtype,
input alu2src,
input memtoreg, regwrite,
output [31:0] aluout, writedata,
input [31:0] readdata,
input suspend);
wire [31:0] pcsum, pcimm_sum, pcjalr, pctoreg;
wire [31:0] signimm, signimm2;
wire [31:0] srca, srca2, srcb;
wire [31:0] result, result2;
wire [31:0] shoutput, aluout2;
wire [4:0] rs1;
wire compA,compB;
wire [31:0] pcISRin, pcext_imm;
wire [31:0] SEPC;
flopenr #(32) epc(.clk(clk), .reset(reset), .en(suspend),
.d(pc), .q(SEPC));
// next PC logic
flopr #(32) pcreg(.clk(clk), .reset(reset),
.d(pcnext), .q(pc));
// PC Next Adder PC+4
adder pcadder(.a(pc), .b(32'b100), .y(pcsum));
// need to read a zero on rs1 for lui to work.
// this is in the decoder, not in the bit-sliced datapath
mux2 #(5) rs1mux(.d0(instr[19:15]), .d1(5'b00000),
.s(imm[2]), .y(rs1));
// register file logic
regfile rf (.clk(clk), .we3(regwrite),
.ra1(rs1), .ra2(instr[24:20]),
.wa3(instr[11:7]), .wd3(result),
.rd1(srca2), .rd2(writedata));
// Sign Extension (Immediate)
signext se(.a(instr[31:0]), .sel(imm[1:0]), .y(signimm));
// Sign Extension (lui)
mux2 #(32) semux(.d0(signimm), .d1({instr[31:12], 12'b0}),
.s(imm[2]), .y(signimm2));
// Shifting immediate for PC
mux2 #(32) pcextmux(.d0(signimm2), .d1({signimm2[30:0],1'b0}),
.s(pcext), .y(pcext_imm));
// Branch Mux
mux2 #(32) pcmux(.d0(pcsum), .d1(pcimm_sum),
.s(pcsrc), .y(pcISRin));
mux2 #(32) pcmux2(.d0(pcimm_sum), .d1(pcsum),
.s(pcsrc), .y(pctoreg));
// PC imm Adder PC + imm
adder pcimm(.a(pcjalr), .b(pcext_imm), .y(pcimm_sum));
// ISR mux
mux2 #(32) ISRmux(.d0(pcISRin), .d1(ISR),
.s(ISRsel), .y(pcnext));
// ALU PC/imm mux
mux2 #(32) pcsrcmux(.d0(srca2), .d1(pc),
.s(pcadd), .y(pcjalr));
// ALU mem/imm mux
mux2 #(32) memsrcmux(.d0(writedata), .d1(pcext_imm),
.s(alusrc), .y(srcb));
// Choose whether to invert the sign bit of the comparator
// or not for unsigned logic change these
// This can be 33rd bit logic
assign compA = srca2[31] ^ ~unsign;
assign compB = writedata[31] ^ ~unsign;
// Comparator (for beq, bge, blt, beq)
magcompare32 compare (.GT(gt), .LT(lt), .EQ(eq),
.A({compA, srca2[30:0]}),
.B({compB, writedata[30:0]}));
// ALU
alu alu (.a(srca2), .b(srcb),
// Shifter
shifter shift (.a(srca2), .shamt(srcb[4:0]),
.shtype(shtype), .y(shoutput));
// Choose ALU or Shifter output
mux2 #(32) srccmux(.d0(aluout2), .d1(shoutput),
.s(alu2src), .y(aluout));
// Memory Output
mux2 #(32) resmux(.d0(aluout), .d1(readdata),
.s(memtoreg), .y(result2));
mux2 #(32) storepcmux(.d0(result2), .d1(pctoreg),
.s(storepc), .y(result));
endmodule // datapath