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BAG (BAG AMS Generator) Primitives Library for SKY130

This repository contains the required primitives to use BAG3 framework with the Google skywater-pdk, a fully open source, manufacturable PDK for SkyWater's 130nm (SKY13) process node.

When combined with appropriate generator code, the primitives enables the creation of analog integrated circuits that are manufacturable at SkyWater Technologies commercially or through programs like Google's no-cost MPW shuttle program for open source designs, done in collaboration with efabless.

What is BAG?

BAG AMS Generator (BAG) is the 3rd generation of the Berkeley Analog Generator framework (see also BAG v2 framework).


To enable wide compatibility with the existing BAG ecosystem, this repository is dual-licensed. It is available to you under your choice of the the Apache 2.0 license or a 3 clause BSD style.

SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause OR Apache 2.0