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* Copyright 2022 GlobalFoundries PDK Authors
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
.SUBCKT gf180mcu_fd_sc_mcu7t5v0__icgtp_2 CLK E TE Q VDD VNW VPW VSS
M_MU19 net50 TE VSS VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU20 VSS E net50 VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU81_M_u2 NCK CLK VSS VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.9e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU75_M_u2 Q d3 VSS VPW nfet_05v0 W=6.25e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU75_M_u2_22 Q d3 VSS VPW nfet_05v0 W=6.25e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI81 VDD TE net58 VNW pfet_05v0 W=9.25e-07 L=5e-07
M_MU17 net58 E net61 VNW pfet_05v0 W=9.25e-07 L=5e-07
M_MU82_M_u3 CK NCK VDD VNW pfet_05v0 W=9.2e-07 L=5e-07
M_MU81_M_u3 VDD CLK NCK VNW pfet_05v0 W=9.2e-07 L=5e-07
M_MI85_M_u1 d3 CLK VDD VNW pfet_05v0 W=1.22e-06 L=5e-07
M_MU75_M_u3 Q d3 VDD VNW pfet_05v0 W=1.22e-06 L=5e-07
M_MU75_M_u3_3 Q d3 VDD VNW pfet_05v0 W=1.22e-06 L=5e-07
M_MI82 net50 NCK net53 VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI91 net53 CK net033 VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI92 net033 QD VSS VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI80_M_u2 VSS net53 QD VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.95e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU82_M_u2 VSS NCK CK VPW nfet_05v0 W=3.9e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI85_M_u3 XI85-net6 CLK d3 VPW nfet_05v0 W=6.25e-07 L=6e-07
M_MI85_M_u4 VSS QD XI85-net6 VPW nfet_05v0 W=6.25e-07 L=6e-07
M_MU16 net61 CK net53 VNW pfet_05v0 W=7.65e-07 L=5e-07
M_MI90 net53 NCK net062 VNW pfet_05v0 W=7.65e-07 L=5e-07
M_MI88 net062 QD VDD VNW pfet_05v0 W=7.65e-07 L=5e-07
M_MI80_M_u3 VDD net53 QD VNW pfet_05v0 W=7.65e-07 L=5e-07
M_MI85_M_u2 VDD QD d3 VNW pfet_05v0 W=1.22e-06 L=5e-07